Casual Cardigan Love: Vintage Outfit

Vintage Flower Outfit Post

One of the few things I actually enjoy about the colder months is wearing cardigans. To show you how real my cardigan love really is, I mixed it up, threw in a vintage bag and called it an outfit post. There you go 🙂

Vintage Outfit Inspiration
Carding love. Photo Credit: Author.

The from Dog Days of Summer, located in Graz. The shop is run by a bunch of cool gals, so definitely give it a closer look!

The shorts… are from the H&M Conscious Collection from about 5 years ago. I have stopped buying H&M since (except a pair of jeans that just fitted perfectly >.< ) or buy it on Kleiderkreisel as an alternative.  🙂

Vintage Outfit Inspiration
Keep walking. Photo Credit: Author.

The bag…is one of my favorite flea market finds from last year! This one I bought at the Hauptplatz flea market in Linz, Austria. If you know me, I love a good flea market! Just strolling around, looking for cool stuff and chatting with random people ❤

PS: What I do love more than a good flea market, is sleep. I never go before 11am. Why? You get stuff cheaper as some of them are already packing up and also (to be honest) no one likes the stuff I like, so I’m not afraid of missing out on the ‘good stuff’.

Vintage Outfit Inspiration
Bag love is real. Photo Credit: Author.

The blouse… I bought on Kleiderkreisel. It’s actually my go-to place when looking for vintage stuff.

PS: Just be aware, that vintage sizes are not always not true to size. Speaking from experience the item is mostly one size smaller than what the tag says. If the tags says 40 its probably a 38.

Vintage Outfit Inspiration
Feminist. Photo Credit: Author.

The belt…I bought at my trusted vintage store in Passau, called Vintys. I go there every time I go home to Bavaria (which is not that often tbh haha) They have lovely stuff (even though slighlty overpriced)  but it’s for charity so 🙂

The hat… is from Zara, but reallyyyyy old.

The shoes…are from Vigneron. Get them here. (Hurry up, they are currently on sale. )