Move over Berlin: Vintage guide to Leipzig

Blue Velvet Leipzig

Last December I visited the Chaos Communication Congress (short CCC) run by the Chaos Computer Club. While I was already in Leipzig, I took some time to wander around the city and explore Leipzig fashion- and food wise. And I was overall surprised by the city’s vibe and friendliness. It has a lot of similarities with Berlin and it definitely has that kinda f*ed up and artistic vibe to it.

Anyway, enjoy my vintage fashion guide to Leipzig! 🙂

Hilde tanzt!

Hilde Tanzt! Leipzig
Hilde Tanzt! Leipzig. Photo Credit: Author.

Ahhhh..I love Hilde ❤ Cute little shop, run by an ever cuter lady (who is hopefully called Hilde?) Hand picked vintage from all decades for people who enjoy being different. Hilde tanzt offers a wonderful selection of dresses, coats, accessories, bags…you name it, Hilde has it 🙂 There is a small men’s section too!  The prices are very fair as everything in the shop is in excellent condition.

Hilde Tanzt Vintage Leipzig
Midi skirts forever <3. Photo Credit: Author.

I bought this jumper and midi skirt all together for €25. The skirt already had its big break during the 2017 new year’s party ❤

Lovely floral jumper at Hilde Tanzt! Leipzig.
Lovely floral jumper at Hilde Tanzt!. Photo Credit: Author.
  • Georg-Schwarz-Straße 20, 04177 Leipzig
  • Hours: Open Tue-Fr: 11am-6pm, Sa: 12am-4pm

Cafe Jedermann

Is a traditional Leipzig Cafe/Bar just two doors away from Hilde tanzt! Jedermann is not just your usual hipster spot, but a lovely place to meet locals and enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of delicious homemade cake ❤


Resales Leipzig. Photo Credit: Author.
Resales Leipzig. Photo Credit: Author.

More second hand than actual vintage but Resales is still worth a visit. There is a small true vintage section, however most of it is second hand or new stuff with even the tags still on. Personally, I didn’t find it too appealing but nevertheless if you take some time in there, I’m sure you could find some lovely things. The vintage section is a bit more pricey than the second hand stuff.

  • Arthur-Hoffmann-Straße 90, 04275 Leipzig
  • Hours: Open Mon-Fr: 9am-6:30pm, Sa: 9am-1pm
  • PRICERANGE: €-€€

Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet Leipzig
Blue Velvet Leipzig. Photo Credit: Author.

Ok, Blue Velvet has the potential to be absolutely amazing. The dresses, shoes, dirndls and even garments they offer are unique and true vintage. Now sadly, it is time for a big BUT…the store is cramped up to the last bit and you feel like you cannot really breath, never mind move and look around freely. I bought these lovely pair of boots in there for around €20. (Edit: The sole broke after wearing them for a week  😦  Guess that’s the risk you have to take when buying vintage, but this has only happened to me once before).

Cramped up to the last bit. Blue Velvet Leipzig. Photo Credit: Author.
Cramped up to the last bit. Blue Velvet Leipzig. Photo Credit: Author.

Blue Velvet also offers a handmade selection of bags as they have their own tailoring shop in there. How cool is that?

Advice: Take a lot of time and patience when you come to Blue Velvet, but it is very much worth it!

  • Weißenfelser Str. 22, 04229 Leipzig
  • Hours: Open Mon-Fr: 10am-7pm, Sa: 10am-6pm
  • PRICERANGE: €-€€


Garderobe, Leipzig. Photo Credit: Author.
Garderobe, Leipzig. Photo Credit: Author.

Small shop with a women’s and men’s vintage section. Garderobe is very well arranged and you can easily find what you are looking for. The prices are very fair! The cardigan I bought was only around €5, as far as I can remember. Also friendly staff who are happy to help you find what you are looking for 🙂

Garderobe, Leipzig. Photo Credit: Author.
Garderobe, Leipzig. Photo Credit: Author.

Right next to the Garderobe there is another cute little shop, which name I cant remember, but you should go check it out, as it offers hand made jewelry and a small vintage section.

  • Merseburger Str. 31, 04177 Leipzig
  • Hours: Open Mi-Fr: 12am-7pm, Sa: 12am-5pm