School’s out: Vintage Edition

Ahoi! Photo Credit: Author.

One can’t deny the charm of school inspired outfits, which originated in the 90s by none other than the Queen of Pop, Britney Spears herself. So reason enough to create my own version, a vintage inspired one, obviously. Mixed with new bits, a hat and too many patterns – I am really in love with this daytime look. What do you think? 🙂

Vintage school girl inspired outfit. Photo Credit: Author.
Vintage school girl inspired outfit. Never mind my confused un-photogenic face 😀  Photo Credit: Author.

The coat… is handmade out of camel wool (yes, very fancy indeed! 🙂 I bought it at Vinty’s, a vintage store located in Passau, Germany.

The hat… is from H&M (a very unusual buy for me, as I tend to stay away from brands like H&M). But since I was looking for this sailor inspired piece quite a while and couldn’t find the right one, I just settled with this one. With the large amount of hair that has to fit under such hat, I was just really happy to finally end this long search. Unfortunately its not available any more, but get a similar one here.

The devil is in the details. Photo Credit: Author.

The bag…let me tell you how much I love this bag pack! I got it for my 26th birthday last year. Its by the Cambridge Satchel Company and handmade in the UK. Shop the bag pack here. Oh and while you’re already at it, treat yourself to some embossing. A.N. baby ❤

The shoes…I recently bought on my trip to Leipzig when I was at Chaos Communication Congress last December. I took some time off to explore this vintage filled city and managed to score these little cuties. I got them at a store called ‘Blue Velvet’. I will upload a vintage guide to Leipzig soon 🙂

The watch…is by German brand called ‘Kerbholz’ and is partially made out of wood. They produce their products sustainably and give back to the environment. Get the exact same model here.

Little Birdie. Photo Credit: Author.
Vintage school girl inspired outfit. Photo Credit: Author.
Vintage school girl inspired outfit, also my new yearbook photo haha. Photo Credit: Author.

The cardigan…I bought on my visit to New York last Autumn. The shop was called ‘Beacons closet’ and I will tell you all about it in a different post soon. In the meantime you can read all about my travel guide to the US 🙂

The blouse…is from the Dublin Vintage Factory! Hands down my absolute favourite vintage store I’ve ever been to (and believe me, I’ve been to a lot). Best quality, best value and always worth a visit. So if you’re in Dublin, go check them out 🙂 Oh and while you’re already at it, ready my vintage guide to Dublin here.

The skirt…I bought on Kleiderkreisel. So what I usually do is, I buy the skirt and have it to tailored to fit. Which means I usually have it shortened and taken in if necessary.

PS: I still find it very odd to do these outfit postings, simply because I hate giving up control and let someone else take the photos. But my good friend Cornelia always does a wonderful job to make me feel comfortable. Thank you ❤