Poetry Session: A well known stranger

Head in the clouds (by Dali) Photo Credit: Author.

Personal, very personal stuff. I’ve been writing poetry for a few years now, but I never let anyone actually read the words I put down on paper. Its more a collection of  random thoughts, there is no structure. Ustually its dark, very dark. But I guess things are changing, maybe am I changing? It seems like my words are seeing the end of the dark tunnel. They deserve it, they have been in the dark for quite a while so…here we go. If you like it, there’s a chance I will upload more of them in the future. So be gentile, please 😦

I must have been half awake and half dreaming, 

I dreamt of you, this time you were closer than before,

it was like you were right here next to me.

You didn’t feel as far as the times before, 

I could hear you breathing. 

I know you are coming closer, 

you are nearly here, aren’t you?

 I shall warn you.

My head is stuck in the clouds,

my heart is chatting to the moon,

but hurry, the air is getting thin up here.

I know you will find me no matter where I am. 

In exchange I promise I will stop looking.

I ‘ll just leave the keys outside my door step,

See you soon well known stranger. 

I can’t wait to finally meet you.


PS: This was my inspiration. Thanks 2/3 of The xx ❤ Listen to it, really loud with your eyes closed.