‘That’s hot’: a guide to eco friendly fashion

My guide to eco friendly fashion :-) Photo Credit: Author.

Hey folks! ❤ I took some time to put together a list of really cool eco friendly fashion brands. As they are more expensive compared to the usual fast fashion items, simply watch out for sale campaigns or sign up for newsletters to save some money on your first order 🙂 As more and more people become aware of the horrible conditions our clothing is made, the demand in fair and eco friendly fashion is rising. So the list inludes all my favourite brands, which either produce locally or provide fair wages abroad. I put them into different categories, so you can browse through and hopefully find what you’re looking for 🙂



Underwear and Swimwear_

Phone Cases_






Thoughts: What I find irritating is, that premium brands such as Tommy Hilfiger don’t produce eco friendly or provide fair wages. You would think at this high price range, they would pay their workers accordingly, but they don’t. In fact, they save money by not providing fair wages, in order to put more money into their own pockets. But at what cost? I know its hard to imagine how life is like on the other side of the world but at least we can try. For me buying vintage really helps, as this way I can still buy high street brands but my money is not going directly to their firm but to the re-seller, who are mainly private are small businesses. Plus, its more sustainable. One girl’s trash, is another girl’s treasure 🙂

What’s your favourite brand when it comes to eco friendly aka slow fashion? ❤