Review: Colours by The Ordinary

Review: Colours by The Ordinary. Photo Credit: Author.

I’ve been looking for a new foundation for quite a while now, so when Deciem‘s baby brand The Ordinary announced their new range of Colours I was excited. The Ordinary is a very young brand but their products are becoming very popular at the moment.

As they received orders for more than 250,000 units of Colours in their first week of launch, its now completely sold out. As I was a quick bunny, I ordered them right after they launched but I still had to wait 3 weeks for them to arrive, as they’re having major shipping and production issues. If you’re planning to order them, give it another 3-4 weeks till the hype has cooled off.

Colours by The Ordinary. Photo Credit: Author.
Colours by The Ordinary. Photo Credit: Author.

The colour foundations come in two different versions: serum and coverage. While the serium is only a lightweight medium-coverage, the second version gives you the full-coverage. As I’m not into heavy make up I ordered the serum in two different shades – 1.1 Fair Neutral and 1.2 Light Neutral. I am very pale so I wasn’t sure which was the best option for me colour wise, but mixing the two shades works for me. To find out which colour fits you best, check out their shade guide.

The foundation comes in a 30ml bottle and with the price of €6.70 its fairly cheap!

NOTE: If you want full coverage the serum is really not for you. If you prefer a more natural look like me, then you should give it a go. The texture of the serum foundation is very light and a bit runny but it can be easily applied to the skin. I can definitly see myself wearing it during summer as its light and it didnt come off after a day spent in the sun (SPF 15 btw) in combination with light powder. Normally I have very dry skin but I applied their  natural moisturiser creme before putting on the foundation and there were no dry staines like with other foundations I used before.

As you can see, they are a bit runny. Photo Credit: Author.
As you can see, they are a bit runny. Photo Credit: Author.

Deciem is a beauty company located in Canada, which produces all of their products in house. They have about 10 brands, inlcuding The Ordinary. All products are vegan and 100% cruelty-free. They don’t test on animals and do not hire third parties to test on their behalf. Read their statement here. Also check out this interesting article I found on clearconsciencebeauty!

Besides the colours, I ordered some other products by The Ordinary, which I will review soon. I’m not a beauty blogger, so forgive me if I left anything out, but please feel free to ask  🙂

EDIT: After using Colours for a week, I have to say I am a bit upset about their pumps. Because the foundation is so runny and the pumps dont work properly, it spilt all over my blouse, watch, etc. This happend for the 3rd time now, even though I was being extremly careful. So be careful when using the pumps 😦 

Love the foundation but they need to improve their pumps. Photo Credit: Author.
Love the foundation but they need to improve their pumps 😦 Photo Credit: Author.