Purple Cave: Vienna’s finest vintage store

Purple Cave Vienna.

Vienna. So I already put up a vintage guide to Vienna but on my last trip I discovered this really cool store called ‘Purple Cave’ and I thought its worth a post on its own!

The shop has been around since 1999 and let me tell you, the owner looks like a secret member of the Beatles! ❤ Just by walking in, you can tell he just loves what he’s doing. This truly reflects in his inventory and the hand picked pieces he sells. For me this is something rare as I’ve been to tons of vintage shops where people just stare at their phones and don’t even greet you. Which is fine either way but this guy just made my shopping experience a bit more fun by telling me stories about his passion for vintage  🙂

The very affordable vintage inspired area.
The very affordable vintage inspired area. Photo Credit: Author.

The shop offers a small section with vintage inspired goods, which are 2nd hand but not true vintage. Everything else is truly from the 50/s,60s and 70s and in very good condition. In between shoes, handbags and coats to die for, you can also spot small inventory stuff such as egg cups or tableware.

All the attention to detail and the passion for true vintage clothing really sets this store apart from all the other vintage shops I’ve been to in Vienna. Plus, it has its own little bar/cafe area! You can even book it for small parties if you and your friends want to jump back into the swinging 60s (I know I would hehe).

Time Warp into the swinging 60s!
Time Warp into the swinging 60s! Photo Credit: Author.

I walked out with this cute little blouse! ❤ I think it was around €29 as far as I can remember, which – lets be honest – is a fair price for true vintage.

Couldn't walk out without buying something. Photo Credit: Author.
Couldn’t walk out without buying something. Photo Credit: Author.

If you’re ever in Vienna and want to shop vintage, this is the place to go! But bring some time, as in most vintage shops, you need to have a closer look at things and have a beer in the retro area, oh yeah. Peace out.

Neubaugasse 78 , 1070 Vienna     Mo – Sa 10.00 – 19.00