Summer plans: I’m ready – are you?

Frozen Yoghurt all day, everyday.

Plans are like to do lists, we all have them but never really go trough with them. Well, this year I’m at least trying to do as many things as possible from my list 🙂


Ahh yeah…classic travel list. I’ve been travelling a lot last year, which was great. But as I recently started my first real job after college, there’s not enough time left for spontaneous trips as there used to be, so I need to plan wisely.

Africa: The big one. Last year I travelled to the Asian part of the world, so this year I need to explore a tiny piece of a new continent: Africa. There is some personal interest here: my dad lives in Tanzania, so hopefully it will be a fun filled family reunion, exploring the real wildlife and seeing animals in their natural habitant. I will probably die, as I’m afraid of spiders.

Scandinavia: I’ve already been to Norway and I absolutely loved it! Besides to crazy prices (yes, a pizza is around €20, don’t get me started), its a beautiful country and Im a massive fan of Norwegian style and architecture. Needles to say: I feel the need to explore more of this cold and not particular sunny part of the world.

Ireland: It’s a homecoming really. I’ve lived there for a while and I had the time of my life. Not that I needed any more reasons to go back but I’m attending the Longitude Festival this year. Headliners are The Weeknd and Mumford and Sons, so should be pretty good 🙂

Print out my poetry

Uhhh..very personal stuff. I’ve been writing poetry for quite a few years now. Even though I’ve never really read them to anyone, I feel the need to print them off and make a little book out of it. Not to publish, only for myself really. I was watching the film ‘Paterson’ when I realised that I would be really devastated if somehow they got lost, so I will organize them and have them printed.

Minimise my closet

Not the most exciting thing to do in summer, but it has to be done. I guess part of becoming more sustainable is to minimise in every way possible. I don’t have as much stuff as I used to and most of it is vintage anyway but I like the feeling of not owning too much and giving things to charity.

Build my own shoe closet 

Oh dear, what have I gotten myself into. I’m not a very technically gifted person, but sure look, I have a lot of other skills 😀 But as I cant find a vintage shoe closet that I like and all the ones I do like are around €2000, I want to build my own. Here are some of my inspirations:

So tell me, what are your plans for this summer? Anything exciting ahead you want to share with the world? Let me know 🙂