All natural: my favourite beauty products part 1

Beauty. Where to start? So I’ve been trying out a lot of different products lately. I wanted to change to some more natural products. Changing your shampoo to an organic one, isn’t that easy. In the first few weeks your hair might be getting a bit greasy, which automatically makes you feel uncomfortable BUT don’t give up yet. The results do really pay off. I’ve been using the products for a few months now and Im really happy with the outcome. My hair is so healthy and hardly ever greasy, which allows me only to wash it once or twice a week. I have curly hair and curls don’t like to be washed that often. Anyway, Im gonna introduce you to a few of the products I use, starting with Origins.


I only recently heard of these products, after buying I found out that the line belongs to Estée Lauder. Which clearly explains the price. The face oil is €26 and the face cream around €46. In all scepticism I was pleasantly surprised. The smell is very decent but nice, same goes for the texture, you don’t really need a lot to cover your whole face.

My drin is generally very dry but it got better over night and all the dry spots were gone. Ive only used cleaning wipes before, so the transition to the face oil was a bit weird at first but Im used to it now. Basically you take a few drops and massage it onto your skin. Then you add a bit of water to it and its starts to transform into a milky lotion, which you can wash off with warm water or simply use a washcloth. It easily removes all the dirt, make up and mascara. Even though its not completely organic, the ingredients seem really high quality. From olive and sesame oil to grapefruit, orange and lemon.

Another plus: apparently they are donating a lot of money to environmental organisations and plant a lot of trees (yay trees ❤ )

Price: €€€ 

I will start to introduce more of my favourite products soon 🙂